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Hot Water Heaters

Hot water plays an important part in your everyday life. From taking a bath, washing dishes, to doing your laundry - people depend on their hot water heater daily. When your tank heater needs to be replaced or instead you are looking to save money and preserve the environment Allstate provides the most up-to-date in tank water heater technologies.

When it's time for a new electric or gas tank water heater, calling a professional will be the smartest thing you could ever do. We know how well water heaters work and how safe they will be when installed properly by a professional. We also know the downfall and dangers of bad installations by well meaning homeowners and unlicensed handy-mans. That's why we believe water heaters should only be installed by licensed and well trained professionals.


Installation of electric water heaters requires knowledge of the properly rated wiring material as well as knowledge of the home's electrical capacity. An adequate electrical service is a requirement. It also requires knowledge of any applicable code and safety standards for your home.


Gas valves are designed to handle a specific type of fuel. Some gas-fired water heaters are designed for certain types of homes. Making the wrong choice can be a serious hazard.

Laws Governing Installations

In Texas, state agencies and local municipalities have laws and codes governing the installation of water heaters. Often these laws state that a water heater must be installed in a certain way. Let our licensed staff of professional help you.  

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