Fiber Optic Video Inspection
(using our sewer camera)

We use the latest in Video Inspection technology!

Sewer blocks are one of the worst problems that daunt a homeowner. Clogs in the drain pipes may require the digging up of the lawn or breaking down the concrete slab. This is a labor intensive process and can cost a lot of money. The introduction of video inspection of pipelines has however, solved much of these problems. Allstate Plumbing uses the latest fiber optic sewer inspection camera to locate any blocks or root infiltrations in your sewer.

The fiber optic sewer inspection camera equipment used by Allstate Plumbing consists of a remotely operated swiveling head that can pan and tilt. Lighting devices like LEDs are incorporated into the head to illuminate the sewer lines.

Allstate Plumbing analyses the sewer lines simultaneously and the footage is recorded if necessary. Thanks to new storage methods, hundreds of hours of footage can now be stored and evaluated. The video from the fiber optic sewer inspection camera is of a high resolution that provides for sharp and clear viewing. Using this, the professionals from Allstate Plumbing easily locate the blocks in your sewer.

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