Preventative Maintenance

Annual and Preventative Maintenance Saves You Money!

Drain problems are never good. They disrupt the daily use of plumbing in your home and require immediate attention. One of the worst, however, is when a total blockage of the drain pipes occurs. This is what has happened when you find backed up water in your sinks, bathtubs and toilets. With drainage, the more serious the problem, the more costly it will get for the homeowner. The best way to avoid this is preventive care.

Although it is possible to clear up a simple hairball or grease clog in your local drain yourself, when there is a stubborn blockage do-it-yourself techniques just won't do the trick. Commercial acid-based clog removers (e.g. Draino or Liquid Plumber) can be harmful to yourself, your pipes and the environment, and they rarely solve the problem for very long. If you have PVC pipes, acid products can actually destroy the cement which bonds pipes together, causing much larger problems.

Snaking the drain yourself may work, but if the blockage is closer to the city sewer system, a typical local drain snake will not be able to get to the problem.

In every case, depending on the severity of the clog, fixing it can become expensive and time consuming, so the best way to save yourself time and money is through good drain preventive maintenance.

Having your Professional Allstate Plumbing Team come by yearly to snake and rooter your drains is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to keep your pipes running smoothly. Often clogs are further along the piping system than your own local drains. Tree roots and debris often means that clogs occur in the main drain lines that access the city sewer system. Yearly cleaning means that these problems are avoided before they require much more serious attention and an expensive repair.


*Some exclusions apply.

Water Heater:

  • Check thermostat and elements on your electric heater
  • Inspect burner and gas valve for flame appearance and sooting, then perform draft test at the flue for your gas heater
  • Clean air intake for gas water heater (where applies)
  • Test pressure and temperature relief valve
  • Inspect for signs of leaking
  • Check temperature of the water
  • Note model, serial number, and warranty period for more cost efficient repairs in the future

Kitchen Sink:

  • Inspect faucet for leaks
  • Check that faucet is secure to deck
  • Check under sink for signs of leaks
  • Check shut off valves for positive shut-off
  • Inspect garbage disposal for proper operation (provide wrench if there is none) and show how to free jammed garbage disposals
  • Check air gap for clogs
  • Clean aerator for improved water pressure



  • Inspect areas around the toilet for signs of leaking
  • Check stability of the toilet (rocking etc.)
  • Check shut off valve to the toilet
  • Check for proper function of fill valve
  • Apply dye to toilet tank to check for wasteful silent water leaks

Tubs and Showers:

  • Check for proper drainage
  • Check for missing caulk/ loose tile
  • Check shower head for obstructions/leading to low water pressure and flow
  • Check for smooth reliable operation of faucets
  • Verify tub stoppers are holding water

Vanities and Sinks:

  • Check for proper drainage
  • Check valves for positive shut off/ no leaks
  • Check faucet for leaks
  • Check connections, trap, etc. for signs of leaking

Outside Spigots:

  • Check for leaks
  • Check shut off valve for outside spigot to be sure it is holding
  • Label shut off valves and post directions to properly winterize


  • Check condensate line to sump pump for proper drainage
  • Check sump pump for signs of wear
  • Check washing machine hoses for signs of leaking, potential leaks
  • Advise homeowner of all shut off valves in house and provide tags to identify each
  • Check water pressure reducing valve as needed
  • Check condensation drains
  • Inspect fridge water line to see if plastic tubing
  • Check gas system to determine if any active leaks exist

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