Leak Detection and Plumbing Repairs

Leak Detection Equipment and Friendly Staff

Under slab leaks caused by water, sewer, and drainage leaks can be a homeowner's worst nightmare. High water bills, wetness or heat pockets on the floor, and shifting of the foundation can all be signs of a slab leak. Allstate Plumbing can use the latest video inspection technology to pinpoint the leak. Next, the property owner can decide which technique he wants Allstate Plumbing to use to reach the leak.

There are really two good ways to fix these types of leaks. One is to locate the leak in the slab, break up the concrete, do the repair, and then fix the damage.

Often, the better (and less expensive) choice is to seal off the leaking slab and then re-route the plumbing through the attic and walls. Allstate's experienced professional plumbers can tell you which is best for your unique situation as decisions like this are best left to the professionals.

No matter where you are in the Austin area with Allstate, you're guaranteed advanced plumbing solutions to all your slab plumbing problems.
Allstate Advantages . . .

  • Years of experience throughout the state of Texas.
  • Best slab repair and re-routing techniques in the area.
  • Client receives Allstate's 100% satisfaction repair guarantee.

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