Backflow & Anti-siphon Devices

Backflow devices

Whether you own a home or business with outdoor plumbing, backflow & anti-siphon devices are a crucial part of outdoor plumbing. Backflow and anti-siphon are terms that refer to the blocking of a fluid’s backward motion through a pipe, particularly one with an open outlet, such as a spigot or lawn irrigation system.

Anti-siphon and/or back-flow prevention devices are widely required to prevent water contamination. Anytime a hose is placed in a yard or an underground sprinkler is operated, there’s a chance for contaminants -- such as pet excrement, fertilizer, lawnmower gas, etc from  entering the line. Without anti-siphon or back-flow prevention, these contaminants could be sucked into the source water, where they are  ingested in drinking water. To prevent this scenario from playing out, Texas mandates that anti-siphon and/or back-flow prevention devices be installed in most outdoor plumbing. Furthermore, many states mandate these devices, be installed by a certified plumber.

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